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MiniCIO Services

Contrary to the current trend in Botswana, it is evident that every organisation needs a Chief information officer (CIO), or information technology (IT) director as known in other countries. At zwinolo we have made it our mission to provide such services to organisations in Botswana, who see the need in taking advantage of the technological changing environment to foster their organisation. Outsourcing CIO services with us you are not only gettting quality services but cost effective information technology strategies that support enterprise goals.

~ With minCIO we manage the implementation of the useful technology to increase information accessibility and integrated systems management.

~ We help you develop new technologies to expand your corporate technological capabilities.

~ We help you build processes and practices supporting the flow of information through the use of current technological infrastructure or new one to make IT part of your financial backbone in your organisation .

~ We help you take a leap on opportunities that social media brings and landscape strategies that will see you expand your clientele accessibility.

~ We help you with your outsourcing of ICT related services to get the best quality and cost effective services from outsourced organisation.