About zwinolo' IT Service Provider!
Exploring Hi-Tech your way

zwinolo is an Information Technology Consultanting Business based in Botswana, which is growing towards being the leading number one innovative business in Africa: offering the best and high quality ICT services to small, medium, large and well established organisations. Our goal is to be the first in the market to bring you innovative products at competitive prices without compromising strength and reliability.

zwinolo came into existence after freshly IT graduates saw a need in mobilizing ICT to work for organisation focusing on providing what we term "MiniCIO".MiniCIO simple means we offer CIO (Chief Information Officer) services to organisation that do not have CIO’s. We do not offer the position, but we offer the brains behind the seat. We have found out that about 90% of organisations in Africa do not have CIO’s in their organisational structure. Who knows "you could be one of the 90%” let’s move forward in innovations together.

Don’t forget if you can imagine it we will make IT

Competitive Skills

  • ~ Website building, maintenance and upgrade
  • ~ Search engine Optimisation and domain-name registration and continuation
  • ~ Network Administration services
  • ~ System Analysis services 
  • ~ System development and maintenance
  • ~ Customer consultation and e-marketing
  • ~ Graphic Design